Cultural Appropriation

The UN To Legally Combat Cultural Appropriation – But Is That Enough?

It's a phrase that makes people of colour indignant towards the perpetrators and white people indignant towards the accusers. Cultural appropriation exists no matter what side you're on. It is harmful to those marginalised and used to make profit under this guise without the slightest notion of understanding or desire to do so. That's where …

Something About Us It might not be the right time I might not be the right one But there's something about us I want to say Cause there's something between us anyway

Steve Reich-tone

Two iPhones ringing at slightly different tempos, a la Steve Reich's Piano Phase. (via kottke)


Set in a futuristic age besieged by corporate forces, Jet Set Radio (and its sequel Jet Set Radio Future), were the cell-shaded chronicles of the GG’s, a gang of roller blading youths (or “rudies”). Their use of graffiti thwarted the evils of the “Rokkaku Group” and at the very core of the franchise lied two …

A Spotify Playlist Of Tennis Songs

Wimbledon is drawing to a close, with all the remaining finals being played this weekend. To mark the end of the two weeks of tennis court action, here is a selection of tennis-themed tracks (in one way or another).